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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 24, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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ideas. >> don't be surprised if you see a new product in time for the election. the best part is the wine. even mitt romney will try them. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. we begin tonight with breaking news you will only see it here. new details about a man in custody who we are learning is the key suspect in the attack in benghazi in libya. we know who he is, where he is, who has him and whether american inter gators were able to get at him. along with former cia officer and you will hear from senator
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john mccain. but i want to start with, intelligence correspondent laurla suzanne kelly. >> the fbi is expected to take the lead on this investigation. >> so, it is not clear. fbi will take the lead on interviews and cia. others will be there? >> that is what was expected. you understand what this looks like with law enforcement. but we are told that right now the fbi is told to take the lead. they would be able to uphold in court but that the intelligence agency agencies know. >> so, his name is ali alhazri.
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we know that he was posting details of the attack as it was happening on his social media websites. we know that officials detained him and turned him over to tunisia. >> cnn has obtained an e-mail that details within eight hours that the shelter location is under fire where the navy s.e.a.l.s were veeventually killed. they were in a position to know a lot about the attack in realtime. >> they did know that there were
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mortars being used. with the threat of information like that, and that is only one piece of the picture and days later they find out that there was more to it. it puts officials into a position of getting more information. they like to get the big picture and i think that is one of the reasons why it didn't come out earlier. i still don't understand, is that i assume there were debriefings of those who survived the attacks. and i assume those would have taken place within 24, 48 hours or so after the attacks with the survivors and why that information that in fact there wasn't a protest why that didn't get disseminated quicker. >> well, you have to remember that the u.s. was at a huge disadvantage because they didn't
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have their own people on the ground. cnn was on the ground before the fbi was. >> you would think that those people would have known. stay with us right now. we want to bring in cnn contribute tore. and cnn national contributor, she visited libya with her employer. fran, what do you make of this e-mail that went to a number of state department officials? remember, we reported earlier on almost sources that i had spoken to said that the state department had realtime access to the facts on the ground. that was patched through, the state department headquarters so we knew that they had realtime
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access to information. it is true that they had conflicting information. the same law enforcement officials said that they had interviews at the air force base. so that information interviews confirming what they would have heard from the reports on the ground as it was unfolding early on. and we still don't know why is it that, that information wasn't communicated to the un who had been asked the following sunday and suggested that this was the result of a protest? >> they are gathering information and the fog of war argument is harder to make. because somebody in the pipeline had the information. bob, the suspect, you say it is significant that the suspect is in tunisian custody.
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why is that significant to you? >> we are dealing with an organization and there is certain information that puts him inside. what we are talking about here, ip fa in fact he is based out of tunisia and takes part in a military assault and we are talking about a military like terrorist group operating in africa. al qaeda in a sense moved from pakistan to yemen and from yemen to north africa. we have al qaeda spreading rather than being destroyed in another part of the world. it is going to be interesting to talk about this guy. if he admits to being a member of al qaeda. >> what do you make of whether the fbi or the cia is
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questioning this person? >> i think it is a good idea. >> you prefer the fbi in. >> much better. i think that the renditions and ininterrogation tactics didn't work. i disagree with a lot of my colleagues. the fbi does a good job on this. american citizens were killed under american law they are the ones that should be doing it. another group had a role in this. >> one we haven't heard of yet. that would be significant. >> we hadn't heard of them yet in this attack. >> we know that they are a group of a dozen people who launched the first attack. >> and for a long time we have been hearing that they were affiliated with al qaeda and we
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are hearing that they may have affiliation was al qaeda in iraq. over the weekend there was an attack in jordan and one of the targets in that attack was the us embassy. but we know that a large number of the people who are fighters who went he to iraq to fight and kill americans and iraqis were from libya and east of benghazi in that region. do we know, are they living in libya now or did they purposely come to libya? >> it is possible, we don't know. it is possible that they went home and it fits in from what they are hearing. that this was a group of loosely banded people. and they will pick up on that through phone calls and social
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media conversations and it is possible that they went home and got together and found out september 11th and here is an opportunity for us let's go do it. >> what do you make of the fact that it is libyans with the experience in iraq? >> i had gone to libya and met with ghadafi at the time. it was one of our chief concerns. we were approaching them to say to them. we were concerned about the pipeline. the fear he there, is not only at the time are you allowing the people to travel into the war zone, but you worry about the bleedoff that after the conflict these people will go back to their home countries. it was all was cross north africa and this is sort of coming home to ruoost that
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original problem years earlier. and so, while unfortunate, it is not surprising. these guys return to their communities with the sense of prestige. they come home and they take on these leadership roles in local communities and so it is not entirely surprising but very enforce nate. >> we have seen this before, folks trained on the battleground in iraq and libya and elsewhere. these guys are getting training in combat zones. it is the only place that they can get it. they need to pass through the crucible of combat. they get very good and learn how
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to fire grenades and these people are getting better and better all the time. i think what the community's problem is they are wary of their collection efforts and the rest of it. we are seeing a tougher enemy after 9/11. these guys are good. >> appreciate you reporting. few in the senate have followed this more closely than john mccain. i spoke to him earlier today. cnn is reporting that there were 12 suspects with ties to al qaeda involved in this attack. have you heard more about it that you can tell us? >> well, the think of interesting news today is that e-mails were going back to the state department and being distributed throughout the upper levels of government that this attack was taking place and it
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was probably by al kid. that brings into question what did the president know and when did he know it and what did he do about it. senator gram issued a letter today. he needs to talk to the american people and tell them what happened. there is huge confusion and contradictions. >> secretary clinton said this today. >> the independent accountability review board is hard at work. looking at everything which i highly recommend as the appropriate approach to something as complex as an attack like this. you know, posting something on facebook is not in and of itself evidence. >> and she is referencing in one
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of these e-mails one of the personnel in libya said that this group was claiming responsibility on facebook and twitter and later on she said this. >> it was clear that, that organization were the orchestraters of attack. my only response is facts are stubborn things. there are facts that we know. we know the british ambassador was attacked. and we know there were warnings and requests for additional security. didn't the president know those things and the days after the attack when the un ambassador kept saying it was a hate filled video that inspired the dem
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demonstration. we know find out. rather than being briefed. we find out from the news media. we went to a briefing and i'm a great admirer of the state. they told us nothing absolutely nothing. the next day the attack lasted 7 hours was in both the wall street journal and the times. they are not telling they have certain facts that are indisputable. it is frankly and i will right now anderson bet you $1 to a donut that the results of this
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review board will not be able to complete their assigned tasks until after november 6th. >> do you see this at a intelligence failure? i think it is either willfully misleading the american people. and so it interfered with that rhetoric. so they are either misleading or degree of competence or lack of acting on existing information such as the previous attacks for example. is absolute and total incompetence. >> thank you. we appreciate your time. >> always good to be with you. >> we are also going to talk to
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senator mccain about the rape and abortion comments. let us know what you think. the attack has become a campaign issue of course. the statements involving rape and abortion. we'll talk about that right ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet, but they're gonna fall in love, get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get married, they'll find some retirement people who are paid on salary, not commission. they'll get straightforward guidance and be able to focus on other things, like each other, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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another politician has weighed in on rape and pregnancy. another male senate candidate making waves at the moment when the presidential race has become a race to win female votes. here is what he said during a debate last night. >> i came to realize that life is a gift from god. i think even when life begins in a horrible situation like that, i think god intended it to happen. >> he concluded, we are trying
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to do damage control but he himself is not backing down. >> i believe that life itself is the greatest gift that god can give us. and i know, that 80% of americans think that god is the author of all life. and i stand firmly on that belief. >> democratic national committee played them in a new add tieing them to mitt romney. ♪ ♪ >> this fall i'm supporting richard mourdock for senate. >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, god intends it to happen. >> this is what the campaign
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said. >> jim, the governor seemed to have momentum and the later debate stole some progress. now his team has spent a valuable campaign day on the defensive over this. does this story concern them at all? >> i think it does. senior romney advisers were out of sight all day long. and here in iowa, and i think this is what happens when the romney campaign has a new cycle that gets out of his control. we saw that happen earlier today. before they put out that
8:22 pm
statement saying what they wanted to do. one of their top surrogates in new hampshire senator ahat who was on his list of running mates said she was not going to be joining richard mourdock on the campaign trail today. this is threading the needle for this campaign. trying to distance themselves from mourdock while at the same time not throwing him under the bus. >> we saw the obama campaign jump on this pretty quickly. do they plan to keep those attacks up beyond today? >> well, to the extent that this
8:23 pm
continues to be part of the new cycle, certainly. they believe they have been trying to paint the portrait. when it comes to women's health issues and them having control over their own bodies and the republican party is dangerous. the campaign jumping on this right away and the traveling campaign saying that the president thought that this was outrageous and he demeaning to women. it was the d&c that was pushing this hard today where they were laying out and trying to make this argument where mitt romney and the republican party would be dangerous for women and they should be concerned about this as they head to the polls. because this is the kind of thing that you see with the republican congress and president. >> ahead, what new polls shows
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what did it feel like to be the guy jumping. my interview with fearless felix is ahead.
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new time magazine poll shows mr. obama had a 2-1 lead among oh ohioians. the latest wild card as you saw with richard mourdock. >> do you still consider himself in his corner?
8:29 pm
>> it depends on what he does. i think it depends on what he does. if he apologizes and says he misspoke and he was wrong and asks the people to forgive him, i would be the first. as i said, i'm not sure how big amiss saek that i have made. i have made a few. and i have asked for people's understanding and forgiveness when i won't own up to it. it is when you don't own up to it when people don't believe you. >> joining me now alex castellanos. gloria, are the officials concerned at all? >> of course you are concerned at everything that happens at
8:30 pm
this point in the campaign and they have an add running in the state with mitt romney. they did not ask for it to be taken down. but i spoke with a romney senior adviser who said they did some testing on this after the wholeed to akin case in missouri. when somebody says they make a stupid remark they are not going to blame mitt romney for it. do you agree with that? >> this too will pass. it is more of a distraction. and that is really the cost the campaign pays. instead of talking about the economy and jobs, he has to spend a few hours explaining this. >> it has been kind of all day today. not for the romney campaign. and you know, it was fairly
8:31 pm
clear what murdoch meant there. he meant that life, he was talking about, not that god willed women to be raped. that is such a ridiculous comment. and right now we are at the point of the campaign where all of this hype is irritating voters and over hype is turning them off. it is the quiet voice that will get attention. >> what do you think? >> is the romney team saying they are going to hold voters for what he said? >> and for the positions of the members of the republican party, like mr. mourdock. >> i think it is a different position. >> this position is that he would appoint justices to the supreme court who would overturn row v wade.
8:32 pm
he chose a nominee who agrees with mr. mourdock and he has been the last stop gap in the house and these becoming law for women in this country. >> he says in the case of rape or incest abortion shouldn't be allowed. gee has said that. but he said that if mr. mourdock's bill takes hold he would sign the bill. >> he has had a big advantage with men. could he build up enough of an advantage with him that women voters are not as decisive? >> polls show that there is a gender gap where women are much more geared towards the present. the look at the poll and you see that obama is plus 19 on women
8:33 pm
here and romney is only plus nine on men. so, what he needs to do is to get his numbers up with men in a state like ohio so that the gender gap with women is balanced out. it is not that he has to beat president obama when it comes to women. but he has to improve his numbers with women by a few points everywhere. that is proving difficult for him to do which is why in the last debate we've seen romney talk about his family, and his faith and education, an you know talking more about issues that women care about. >> alex, we are seeing some candidates distancing from mourdock i talked to senator
8:34 pm
mccain today. if he doesn't apologize, does the story continue? >> if there was something underneath it, then i think the story might continue. it is clear what he meant. he was talking about a baby and life was god's will. not that god's will that a woman be raped. looking at the survey, it is a bit of an outliar. >> one of the things that is happening here, the obama campaign has had a campaign that women are a collection of reproductive parts. as opposed to having enough respect for participating in the economy. they are starting most small businesses in this kun trcountr. i think that is one of the reasons that obama is having a problem increasing problem with the female vote right now.
8:35 pm
>> let's be honest, both of these campaigns are talking about issues they think women care about right now. women are late deciders and go to the polls and so, you know, both of these campaigns are talking about things they think women want to hear. >> i appreciate you being on. thank you. >> but, you probably saw felix baumgartner breaking the record from the edge of space. did it go by quickly or did you remember every second? >> i was focused and trying to do the right thing. [ applause ] tablet called my p. anne's tablet was chatting with a tablet in sydney... a desktop in zurich... and a telepresence room in brazil. the secure cloud helped us get some numbers from my assistant's pc in new york. and before i reached the top, the board meeting became
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ings. i spoke to him earlier during an interview. >> when you opened the door and were looking down, what is going through your mind? >> well, it was an outstanding moment because i have been working so hard for five years to reach that point. but you realize that everything around you is hostile.
8:41 pm
>> i read that you had gotten a ti tiny trair tiny tear in your suit you could have died. >> that is not true. >> do you feel like you are traveling that fast? >> you feel like it is fast, but not 830 miles-an-hour. they told me that you are going to have a shock wave going through your suit. that supersonic boom happens hipd behind it. it is when i touched the ground, i have been told that they heard the supersonic boom. it is the first and only
8:42 pm
supersonic boom created by a person. >> to say the least. >> it is a moment when you are spinning and it seems like you are out-of-control. >> no, i knew from the beginning on that you cannot go off stable. because there is a -- >> you cannot go off the capsule stable. you are going to spin. and that is almost in a vacuum. there is no support of air. we use this air to stabilize yourself. but the first 30 seconds you have no air. so the only way that you can do it is to spin. you cannot practice this before. you go for super sonic speed or not. while you spin, you have to figure out how to stop that spin. it was moving my arms and legs but gentle because you are traveling at 830 miles-an-hour. so it was trying to figure out a way how to stop it.
8:43 pm
>> and are you for the entire time are you thinking second by second. there is no time to enjoy it, i guess is there? >> that was business. as soon as you step off, it is business. you know you have been working so hard to accomplish what we have to accomplish. you have to perform well. >> timewise, did it go by quickly? >> i remember every second. >> i was totally concentrated and focused trying to do the right thing. >> is there a moment of fear or worry? >> well, it is not fear because my life was never in danger. if it looks like that for regular people, we have been doing a lot of testing before, you know, we have developed a lot of safety equipment to make this as safe as possible. the only word that i had was not breaking the speed of sound.
8:44 pm
>> also, your landing seemed perfect. they collapse on the ground. i mean your landing was amazing. >> i never thought about landing in my hole life. but this time i wasn't worried about falling down. the whole world was watching. i want to finish this. >> and that is why i was getting worried when i was 30 seconds prior to landing. i didn't know where the winds were coming from. my helicopter guys were supposed to drop some flares. and that is why i was yelling at the guys. to drop some flares i wanted to know where the winds were coming from. i wanted to finish this in a perfect way. and islanded on my feet. >> i love that after all of the stuff that you have gone through, you are worried about looking good on the landing. >> finishing it well.
8:45 pm
>> i read that you had panic attacks for a sense of claustrophobia in the suit. >> it happened in the gabeginni. every time that i was in the suit, i felt anxious. and then after the tests that we did, i was supposed to spend five or six hours in the capsule. they cooled it down to what we exp experienced up there. and then it goes on for six hours. and i knew that i could not do six hours in the suit. >> i mean it is claustrophobic? >> yeah, when you put that visor down, you are trapped in your own little world. all you hear is your own bre
8:46 pm
breathing for hours and hours and hours. you have a lack of mobility. and if you have negative thoughts it is getting worse inside the suit. i was working with a psychiatrist to get over the problem. >> and how were you able to get over it? >> mostly by thinking positive and outside the suit. >> if you stay with your problems inside the suit. we work and we do not think about stuff. but when it gets silent about you it is like a prison. years ago when i was 16 years old, i loved the freedom. and now i'm like a bird in a cage. >> are you done? >> i'm going to break the speed of light. >> actually, i think, i know, i'm done because it is time to move on. when i was young, i had two
8:47 pm
dreams. the first one was becoming a helicopter pilot. but i could never afford to take helicopter lessons but i did in 2006. now i'm a commercial helicopter pilot and i'm going to put my skills into public service and work as a firefighter. this is where i want to be and where i belong. >> i wish you the best. >> that is incredible. >> good talking tow. thanks. >> amazing stuff. you can see more of how felix pulled this off. sunday november 11th. another proposed cease fire in syria. the latest developments on that ahead. and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety.
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[ yawning sound ] [ male announcer ] gly nimble, ridiculously agile, tight turning, fun to drive 2013 smart. ♪ new details in the search of the attackers of the teen that spoke out against the taliban and was shot. police identified this man as the main suspect. he is still at large. if you are watching tonight from the region and know or have seen him. the pakistan police are looking for tips on his where abouts. nine people have been arrested. he is from the district where the person was shot in the head. 14-year-old girl survived the
8:52 pm
attack and the tall bans have vowed to kill her if she returns. >> anderson, a deadly car-bomb attack killed four people today. justice peop justice department alleges bank sped through the processing of government backed mortgages resulting in defective loans. we are getting word of jamaica, 70% of island is without power. forecast shows sandy heading north along the u.s. east coast over the next few days. >> you may want to work toward a
8:53 pm
stretch of highway. that is the fastest in the nation anderson if you feel the need for speed you know where to go. >> you don't know where that is from do you? >> yeah, the tom cruise movie, "top gun". i've got it. >> they told you. i'm sorry i'm still not living in the 80s. only? but i remember. time for tonight's video some guy posted of himself on youtube doing one-armed purchase ups while solving a rubix cube. it is called cubing now. >> you know when i was younger, i couldn't finish it, so i peeled the stickers off and moved them around. >> the old show business saying,
8:54 pm
never work with kids or animals. one reporter learned it includes fish. >> the ridiculous next. elief to all your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth!
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here is the thing, crazy carp pose a problem in parts of the country. a reporter head out on the water to grab the story by the tail. they are big. they can grow to be --.
8:58 pm
>>. >> ouch, right? >> the poor guy she fell optoo. > reporter herself thought it was funny. she tweeted out the video. i'm not going to make fun of her for wearing a dress on a boat. because frankly i'm not wearing pants right now. >> how did david find that out. take a look. >> woe. oh. there you go. >> ouch. there we go. >> that hurt. poor david. he was fine though. but you can get injured and believe it or not. we don't think it is funny when our colleagues get hurt. do it. >> oh. >> it hurts, it apainful but no
8:59 pm
one is dead. >> back to being a reporter and working with wild life. you have to be careful with cuddly little friends at well. >> the couple is accused of throwing two cats out of their car and killing them. this little guy is having fun but the couple is going to have to come -- oh. >> the reporter was fine and thought it was funny. but she came to think it was funny. if you are going to get into the world of television and are tempted to work with animals. call upon a real star. look at that calm face. there is a fellow who won't scratch you and knock you over into a boat. the carp remain


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